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PostSubject: EXPRESS YOURSELF: 2 VERSIONS + THE PARTY INVITATION   Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:16 pm

In 1992 MADONNA launched a book containing images that were composed of erotic photos taken by the American photographer STEVEN MEISEL and film frames taken from film shot by FABIEN BARON.

For the release of SEX MADONNA gave a party at New York City's INDUSTRIA SUPERSTUDIO, which she attended dressed as Little Bo Peep with a stuffed toy lamb.

Well, a party without guests is absolutely nothing, isnít it?
And for the guests to appear they need an invitation, right?
Thatís what I want to talk about... about the invitation to the party.
I thought it would be nice to share with you pictures of the invitation to the party for the release of SEX... this invitation is something really beautiful.


The invitation that MADONNA sent out to private guests consisted in two envelopes: the outer large envelope is black with a silver MAVERICK logo on the back. The second inner envelope has MADONNAís personal handwriting printed (not handwritten), plus a stylized cartoon image.
To explain how the invitation was, I divided it in 4 parts:

1. Envelope (front side)
2. Envelope (back side)
3. Card with image + date and address of the local of the party.
4. Card with text.

So, letís talk about the party invitation...

1. Envelope (front side):

At first sight you may find the front side of the envelope something really simple... but itís not.
If you pay attention to it youíll notice that itís black with a leather texture, somehow itís a reference to sadomasochism, the kind of fetishism used in MADONNAís book, SEX.

Somehow the design of the front side of the envelope gives the idea of the back side of a corselet (made popular by MADONNA, who sported them as outer garments on stage and off).

Take a look at the ribbon that seals the envelope... exactly in the center of the ribbon you can visualize the word X.
In this case the word X gives the idea of a material containing strong adult content, typically sexual content and nudity.
MADONNA had originally intended to call the book X but changed her mind when SPIKE LEEís upcoming film MALCOM X began to be promoted: the film was released three weeks after the book. In the end, the original design for the X title of the book was retained on the back cover (see below)...

What follows is the image of the front side of the envelope of MADONNAís invitation:

2. Envelope (back side):

In the back side of the envelope you can find a silver MAVERICK logo.
MAVERICK is an entertainment company founded by MADONNA, her then-manager FREDERICK DEMANN and RONNIE DASHEV in April 1992. It is owned and operated by WARNER MUSIC GROUP.

3. Card with image + date and address of the local of the party:

If you had already watched MADONNAís video for the song EXPRESS YOURSELF you definitely will understand from where came the inspiration for the beautiful image in cartoon style that was printed in the inner card.
The design alludes to the famous scene of the video when MADONNA is chained to a bed, wrapped in satin sheets, waiting for her lover from the underground world of the factory where he works.

On the left side of the inner card you can see the address (7775 Washington Street at West 12th, NYC), the date (Thursday, October 15, 1992) and time (Nine PM) of the event.
On the right side you can see phone numbers (212/275 - 4650) and a persons name (Michelle Adkins): guests should call that number and talk to Michele to confirm their attendance in the party. On the same side you can see the phrase "RSVP before the full moon".
RSVP stands for a French phrase, "Rťpondez, s'il vous plaÓt" which means "Please reply." The person sending the invitation wo¨uld like you to tell him or her whether you accept or decline the invitation.

4. Card with text:

The back side of the inner card with a cartoon image brings the following message:
"Johnny will be away for the night. I absolutely must see you. I am desperate, and if you donít come I wonít answer for the consequences. Donít drive up. Dita."

JOHNNY, the name mentioned in the short text above, refers to a fictional character that is part of MADONNAís erotic book SEX...
All text appearing in the book was written by MADONNA herself, however most of it was written from the point-of-view from the fictional character DITA (inspired by German silent film star DITA PARLO).
As DITA, she writes about her feelings, longings and her lust for sex. Mostly this is written in a letter-style to this fictional character called JOHNNY.

Well, now that you have the invitation in hands, you better have some fun!... Oh, but a party with no music is not a party, right?
I decided to share with you two versions of the song EXPRESS YOURSELF... somehow I was inspired by the cartoon image of the party invitation...
I do hope you enjoy it!!!



... down below you can find a link where you can make the download of MADONNAís book, SEXÖ


ďSatin sheets are very romantic,
What happens when youíre not in bed?Ē


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PostSubject: Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: 2 VERSIONS + THE PARTY INVITATION   Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:12 am

god, thats soooo beautiful. thanks ever so much for sharing this with us. did you download these or did you GET one???? god, its so over the top, i wouldnt expect anything else. cheers again Fleur
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