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 "If You Forget Me" - my remix!!

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PostSubject: "If You Forget Me" - my remix!!   Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:43 am

For a project for the Sound Design class in the degree I'm working on, we had to design a soundscape, and were allowed to pick from a choice of scenarios we had to portray. I opted for the "Tape fallen from heaven" and designed it around Madonna's recital of "If You Forget Me".

Here it is:

If You Forget Me (WhitePanda remix)

I will quote our tutor's instructions:

"Take your sound elements and combine / arrange them into a short audio sound story.
Finished Piece must include the following sound elements:

Music track or ambient sound
Narration or Monologue or Dialogue
Sound Effect: At Least 5 different ones"

The scenario I picked: "An audio recording falls down from the sky! The tape is labeled heaven. It is filled with strange and wonderful sounds. What does paradise sound like?"

P.S. I passed that assignment. And one of my classmates made the observation that he was almost lulled to sleep. Meant as a good thing. Presumably.

Have a listen and tell me what you think. Very Happy
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"If You Forget Me" - my remix!!
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